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Deep Pleat HEPA Filter

Filtgard® High Capacity HEPA filters are designed for use in higher air flow applications up to 500 FPM. They offer a wide range of operating and cost advantages. High capacity operation is achieved by designing additional media into the filters – 50% more than standard capacity HEPAs. Decreased height of the corrugated separators enables the filter to contain more pleats, more media.

Features & Benefits
  • Higher air flow with no increase in resistance.
  • Higher air flow while providing HEPA efficiency.
  • Lower resistance, lower energy cost, longer life at standard air flow rates. Filtgard filters have only 0.60” W.G. resistance at 1000 CFM.
  • Longer service life reduces disposal costs, less contribution to landfills.
  • Reduces space required for filter bank.

High-Quality Filter Design

Cell Sides - Choose from Particle Board, Fire Retardant Particle Board, Fire Retardant Plywood, Galvanized Steel, Aluminized Steel, Stainless Steel or Aluminum.

Media - Wet laid paper produced from glass microfibers, Filtgard waterproof and heat resistant up to 1000ºF. The continuous media sheet is subject to eleven distinct test and inspections prior to shipment.

Pleat Design - Filtgard utilize a unique score fold design developed by HFMC. This channel design increases media surface area and reduces opportunities for media damage during handling and installation.

Faceguards - Expanded metal or stainless steel hardware cloth can be furnished on one or both sides on the fiber.

Separators - Utilizing Filtgard’s hemmed safety edge, corrugated aluminum separators allow for maximum media utilization. The design minimizes risk of media puncture, adds overall filter pack rigidity and stability, and offers maximum air flow through the filter. Separator materials offered include aluminum, vinyl coated aluminum, and kraft paper.

Sealant / Bond - The entire media pack is bonded to the interior of the cell sides with urethane sealant. Silicone and ceramic bonds are also available.

Gaskets - Dove tail interlocking neoprene rubber gaskets are standard Filtgard Gaskets are ” x ” and are furnished as standard on the air leaving (downstream) side of the filter. Alternative gaskets include silicone and ceramic. Gel seal filters are also available.

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