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PulsePleat Filter Elements

Filtgard PulsePleat filter elements provide a simple retrofit for upgrading existing dust collection systems and improving problem systems. The Pulse Pleat filter element is a one-piece pleated product of spunbond polyester media and is a direct replacement for traditional filter bags and cages.

This media resists surface penetration of particulate, dramatically increasing efficiencies while operating at significantly lower differential pressures than felted or woven materials. The media is pleated and molded into a filter element, increasing filtration surface area over bags by 100 - 200+%, depending on existing bag sizes.

Typical Air Handling Capacities
PulsePleat Filter Element vs. Filter Bags

Features & Benefits
  • 100% Spunbond polyester media provides 99.99+ filtering efficiency.
  • Specialty finishes available, including PTFE membrane, Water Resistant and Flame Retardant.
  • Wide-open pleat spacing; shallow pleat depth to allow excellent dustcake release.
  • One-piece design eliminates the need for filter bags and cages, allowing simple, easy installation and maintenance.
  • Inner core is constructed from durable perforated metal.
  • Molded urethane top is available in a variety of styles and sizes to fit a wide range of tubesheet holes.
  • Molded bottom construction helps resist abrasive wear at the bottom of the elements.
  • All Filtgard Filter Bags are guaranteed to be free from any manufacturing defects to ensure your satisfaction 100% of the time.

Spunbond Media vs. Traditional Needle Felt
Tight calendaring of spunbond media fibers resists particulate penetration into the media.

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